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About SMART Recovery

SMART Recovery is an innovative method for addiction recovery. SMART is an acronym that stands for Self-Management and Recovery Training. This is more than an acronym; it is a transforming approach for transitioning from addictive substances and destructive habits to a life characterized by high self-esteem and a willingness to change.

Far too many people feel helpless over their life and have a sense of futility, as well as a fear of remaining imprisoned in their addiction patterns and situations. SMART teaches people the necessary skills to conquer their addictions and transform their lives.

SMART was developed for those seeking a self-empowerment approach to overcoming addiction issues. What has developed is an approachable method of recovery, one based on research and validated by more than a quarter-century of experience teaching practical tools that promote sustainable change.

SMART is a potent recovery community comprised of fervent volunteers who have recovered with SMART and are motivated to aid others. Peers and professionals combine research and expertise to assist individuals in building healthy, balanced lifestyles.

In our online and in-person mutual support meetings, participants construct and follow their own recovery plans to create a life that is more balanced, purposeful, rewarding, and meaningful. SMART offers customized meetings and services for numerous populations, such as Family & Friends, veterans, and others.

SMART Recovery is useful. SMART provides a road to Life Beyond Addiction, regardless of whether a person has voluntarily chosen recovery or has been ordered to join a recovery program.

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