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What We Treat

We treat individuals struggling with alcohol and drug use. We also help with co-occurring personality disorders, depression, bipolar, PTSD, and ADD.

What it Costs

Many factors determine the final cost of treatment. We work closely with you to determine any insurance benefits or potential out of pocket expenses prior to admission.

Our Commitment

We are committed to delivering an outstanding evidence-based treatment experience, leaving you with a solid foundation to build your life in long-term recovery.


Recovery is a Reality

Greenfield Center, an intensive outpatient alcohol and drug treatment center, was started as an outpatient facility because of our belief that recovery must take place in the real world. Anyone can abstain when locked up in an inpatient setting. The real test comes when they are sent home. We believe this test should be happening while the patient is still in treatment. This, of course, does not mean we do not send patients who need inpatient stabilization to a proper facility – We do.

At Greenfield Center, we know that it is not always possible for people suffering from alcohol and drug dependency to be away from home or work. Yet, they need help to lead meaningful and productive lives. Our program is conducted on an outpatient basis – you live at home and go to work. Utilizing group therapy, as well as individual counseling and education, the Greenfield Center provides full-time treatment for full-time lifestyles.

We Are Committed To Help You.